Shopping Online Safely

5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

There are a million benefits to shopping online. There are sales, lots of options and many times free and expedited shipping. To make your shopping experience as secure as possible , here are a few tips to :

1. Use Familiar Websites
When searching for a site to shop, use familiar sites instead of using a search engine. Some search results are altered and can lead you in the wrong direction. Also if you know the site like Walmart or Target then they are less likely to be a scam. Some scammers will trick you in making the website appear the same and just changing the domain to make you think you’re on the normal website. Lastly, if something looks different than you’re used to, the best advice would be to not provide any of your information there.

2. Check Statements
Most people will wait until they get their bill in the mail to check the information on the statement. A good thing to do is go online and check your checking account regularly just to make sure if there are any discrepancies you’re able to get those cleared up immediately. If you are online and see any fraudulent charges be sure to pick up the phone and address them with someone as soon as possible. Customers need to notify the bank within 60 days if they see a transaction that they do not recognize.

3. Mobile Shopping
Studies show that most adults use their mobile devices to compare prices before making a purchase. Make sure you use the app provided by that retailer such as Walmart or Target.

4. Don’t Tell All
When making a purchase if you are ever asked for you social security number or your birthday or any other strange personal information you should immediately be aware that this is some sort of a scam. Always try to give the least amount of information possible. This step just saves you from a lot of trouble.

5. Look For the Padlock Symbol
You should never buy anything from a website using your credit card that doesn’t have the padlock symbol at the top. This padlock means that this website has SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. Also if the site has SSL the URL for the site will start with HTTPS://. Another tip to remember is to never give your credit card number over email.

SSL Certificate

In conclusion, if you ever feel uncomfortable with something, it is probably best to just not do it or do some research before proceeding. When shopping online there are many things to look for and be cautious about, but if you follow these safe online shopping tips, you can expect a better and safer shopping experience.